Join Barbara Carrellas, Artemisia de Vine, Cyndi Darnell, Marcia Baczynski and Robyn Dalzen

Some people are thriving now and others are doing just okay. Still others are struggling or drowning.

How is the erotic relevant during this time?  

Does the erotic within us have something of value to offer us right now?

A panel of global sexuality professionals share their insights.

Join in the conversation in a one hour, live, zoom webinar as our panel of sexuality professionals offer their insights and explore the possibilities of the erotic in COVID times. Enjoy the chance to ask questions via the chat box.

Meet your panel below.

Artemisia de Vine

Founder of The deVinery: School of the Erotic Arts . Mentor, retired sex worker, somatic sexologist, erotic choreographer, writer.  (She/her).

Guiding people into the art form of creating tailored play dates and erotic encounters based on the potent, but often hidden, aspects of each person’s unique erotic wiring.

She believes our turn ons are wiser than given credit for, and, if we turn them into allies, they are capable of guiding us where we need to go.

Her primary mission is to de-stigmatise sexuality and create an embodied awareness of the incredible inner resource we have in the erotic to lead us to wholeness.

Self discovery and exploration through intentional adult play for more fulfilling, dating, mating and relating.

Current online offer: Dating Your Desire


Cyndi Darnell

Sex & Relationship Therapist / Coach (she/her) – sexology for your soul

Cyndi is a NYC based, internationally renowned sex & relationships therapist, counsellor, coach and certified clinical sexologist.

Originally from Australia, currently based in New York, her approach spans the clinical to the esoteric with a focus on making meaning of the erotic in embodiment.

She maintains a global consulting practice in NYC and online and offers insight into the quandaries of the erotic to transform fear into freedom. 

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Barbara Carrellas

Barbara is the founder of Urban Tantra®, a hot and healing approach to sexuality that adapts and blends a wide variety of sacred sexuality practices from Tantra to BDSM.

She is the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century—now in its second edition, Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide to Sex, Relationships and Oh So Much More, and Luxurious Loving.

She was named Best Tantric Sex Seminar Leader in New York City by Time Out/NY Magazine for her Urban Tantra workshops, and was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.

Current and Upcoming online offerings: Orgasms With Spirit:, and coming soon: How to Create Ecstatic Experiences in Traumatizing Times.

Current and Upcoming online offerings: Orgasms With Spirit: ,

Coming soon: How to Create Ecstatic Experiences in Traumatizing Times.

Marcia Baczynski

Internationally-recognised speaker, writer, coach and expert on sexual communication, relationships and women’s empowerment. Co-founder of Cuddle Party.

Her primary mission is to help women, and the people who love them, to overcome shame and get in tough with what they truly want – romantically, sexually and relationally – even if it’s off the beaten path.

As co-founder of Cuddle Party, Marcia has helped tens of thousands of people to speak up for the kind of touch they want, say NO unapologetically, and foster more connected, affectionate relationships.

Her popular virtual course “The Good Girl Recovery Program,” helps women to break out of roles that keep them small and unsatisfied, and move into being more of who they are in all areas of their lives.

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Robyn Dalzen

Robyn is an international coach and facilitator and is passionate about helping people find what brings them pleasure — in their body and in their life.

Robyn’s work is at the intersection of mindfulness, consent, embodiment and sexuality — guiding people to slow down and bring awareness to what they desire, practice the skills to communicate those desires, and create clear agreements to receive exactly what they want.

Robyn is co-founder of the School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent. She is a certified Transformational Leadership Coach, certified Wheel of Consent® Facilitator, and Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®) provider. She is also a collaborator and coach with Self:Cervix. 

Online offer: 

Learn to Touch Without touching Anyone Else