Personalised, private mentoring packages for singles and partners who would like to explore the deeper possibilities of sex through purposeful adult play dates.

“Artemisia is a seriously expert communicator of the mysteries and the mechanics of eroticism. She is gently guiding me into forming a relationship with my erotic psyche and in applying that understanding in relating with others. I am experiencing a profound shift in my self understanding and appreciation and ability to understand others through working with her.” 


Self discovery sexplorer

Desire Apple self discovery

Solo Sexplorers

A private, personalised exploration of your own Desire to learn its language, power, wisdom and pleasure and how it relates to your life in particular.

Self-discovery through your sexuality.  Guidance, tools and skills to create an aware relationship with your sexual energy and motivation. Delve into the wisdom of your personal turn-ons and explore how they are actually a wise and powerful force within, leading you home to yourself. 

I only accept a handful of 1-on-1 clients at a time so I can focus on really going on this journey with you. If you are curious about what that might look like for you, and whether we are a good fit, you can book a complimentary 20min consult to discuss. 

Date your desire course

Partnered Sexplorers

Discover the unique erotic wiring of your partner and share yours with them. Be guided into a whole new level of relationship with each others erotic psyche and how to apply it in your lives.  

Coming soon!


Artemisia is one of the most down-to-earth big thinkers I know. She has a compassion driven, body/gender accepting approach to people and the narratives of their erotic and sensual selves, without all the dogma.

Allen Turner

Afro-Indigenous Game Designer and Thought Leader , Council of Fools