Artemisia’s School of Eros

Learn Artemisia de Vine’s approach.

Self-discovery through embodying the treasures found in the erotic psyche and engaging them through the art of intentional adult play dates.

The deVinery is the latest incarnation and online iteration of what was once a sensually rich, physical play space where I engaged with thousands of clients. It was my temple to the erotic.

Now that I have retired from sex work* and no longer play with clients personally, it has become the name of my school, dedicated to sharing the wisdom, beauty and art forms of the erotic as a path to self-discovery.

Here you can dip your toe in through one-off zoom classes, or delve into this body of work through ongoing courses, personalised mentoring and by joining our community of sexplorers and budding erotic choreographers.

*Note: Sex Work is decriminalised and a legal occupation the states of Australia from which I operate.

“Artemisia, you are a walking university!”

Dr Betty Martin

Inventor of Wheel of Consent , Founder of the School of Consent

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