Terms and Conditions for Membership in The deVinery

  • By becoming a member of the deVinery you understand and agree:
  • All material in The deVinery is copyright and may not be duplicated or taught without Artemisia de Vine’s express permission.

    You consent to receive emails and content of a sexual nature for the purposes of education, self-discovery and art. This includes stories, insights, audio, images, and videos some of which may be challenging or disturbing to some people. 

  • You agree to take self responsibility and remove yourself from any situation that you find challenging and/or triggering and seek help from a trained therapist or counselor hotline if appropriate. 
  • Violations of consent constitute immediate removal from The deVinery without a refund and may be reported to law authorities if appropriate. 
  • While all reasonable care and concern will be taken to create safety within The deVinery, Artemisia de Vine is not held responsible for how members behave towards each other or harm caused. 
  • You agree that you are of legal age to receive this material. 
  • You understand that Artemisia de Vine is not a trained therapist, and that while some of this body of work may be therapeutic for you, that is a happy side effect of educational self discovery. 
  • Artemisia de Vine takes no responsibility for how you use the information herein. 
  • You agree to take self-responsibility and actively seek further education and training before attempting techniques described in The deVinery whenever safety concerns may arise or you are not experienced. 
  • You agree to take responsibility in how you interact with other members of The deVinery. 
  • You agree that you are capable of setting your own consent boundaries. If you have concerns that trauma triggers may prevent you from being able to do this, then The deVinery is not a safe enough place for you at this time and you will remove yourself or may be gently removed.
  • Artemisia de Vine reserves the right to remove members without refund should they breach the rules of The deVinery. This includes, but is not limited to: disrespectful, prejudiced, disruptive, hostile or non-consensual behaviour.
  • Artemisia reserves the right to: 
  • Increase monthly membership fee with a month’s warning in writing. 
  • You may cancel membership at any time but once you have paid for the current month’s membership, you will not receive a partial refund for that month. 
  • You understand that live material offered in The deVinery membership may not be at a convenient time for your timezone. Whenever appropriate, you will receive a recording instead. 
  • There will be some times when lives cannot be recorded due to the personal nature of the material being discussed. 
  • You understand that should you attend a recorded live offering, it is your responsibility to change your name, image and any other identifying markers if you wish to remain anonymous.