invitation to presentation on Jungian shadow and Desire

Jungian Shadow and Desire

The Society of Australian Sexologists  – Victoria, invited me to speak about Jungian shadow and how it relates to sexual desires and what turns us on.

You are welcome to see the full recording here

Why would people be drawn to shadow aspects of themselves through their sexual play?

Shadows are the parts of ourselves that we suppress or exile because our egos like to believe they do not exist. “That’s not who I am!” we say to ourselves in order to protect our self-identity.

Try as we might to shove them to the very back of our mind, they are still there and often surface in various areas of our lives including in what turns us on. 

Of course, shadows are only one of many aspects of your erotic psyche that you create a relationship with when you Date Your Desire  in my upcoming signature 4-week online course.